Hi! My name is Jason.  I am a Japanese pick up artist in Tokyo.  I have been gaming since 2006 and been a pick up instructor since 2012.  I practice indirect sincere pick up method; what I call is Jason’s pick up method.  My aim of pick up is to build a romance relationship, and not for one night stand.  I used to make a lot of one night stands, but later realized that would only tear me down.  I have been brushing up indirect method scenarios, so that even girls in Shibuya would not ignore me.

This English page was established to help non Japanese guys learn how to game in Japan.  My main gaming area is on street but sometimes do internet pick up as well.  I do not usually go to clubs.  I do only when I am asked by friends.

I am also selling an e-book and audio material in Japanese, and planning to make an English e-book.

I will make English page bigger. So please stay connected.

Jason’s pickup (PU) bootcamp in Tokyo

I will teach you how to pick up women in the Japanese style. I am an experienced pickup artist (PUA), who has started pickup game in 2006. Since I am a Japanese native, I can teach you how to PU in the Japanese style.  As you can imagine, PU style in Tokyo is not exactly same as ones in elsewhere.   There are definitely many techniques that you have to acquire to succeed.

About Jason

Name: Jason

PU experiences: Since January 2006. First started on 1996, but have been gaming seriously since 2006.

Place to PU:  Mainly Shinjuku, Shibuya, Ikebukuro

Age: In the late 30’s but often times looked very young like 20’s

Education: Grad school in the U.S.

Job: Advertising and Sales Plannning

Native Country: Japan

Places I have lived: USA Places I have visited: Hong Kong, UK, France, Italy, USA, Mexico, and Australia


1) Regular course:

25,000 yen (300 USD) for 2.5 hours.

It includes a lecture with an e-book conducted in a cafe.

2) Pre-paid course:

50,000 yen (600 USD) for 6 hours

You can divide courses as you wish. Effective for two years from the purchase date.

3)Pick up boot camp: 

60,000 yen (720 USD) for one day. 100,000 yen (1,200 USD) for two days.

This is an intensive PU course. I will teach you the Japanese style PU all day long.  First we will have a lecture while having lunch, and do street games.  We may have coffee break or supper.  Money back gurantee for this boot camp, if you are not sutisfied. You have to claim the money back in first 2 hours. 20,000 yen (240USD) for 2 hours fees will be deducted and the rest will be refunded.